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Nice to meet you ! My name is Catherine Maisonneuve. I'm a Freelance travel, lifestyle & food writer based in Eastern Canada. I write both in French and in English as a contributing writer on LuxeGetaways, Dished, HRI MagHuffPost, British Airways Magazine, Cook It Magazine,  Magazine Voyager, Toronto Times. You can also catch me on the web series Onsenfood where I share my food & coffee discoveries and on Global News Morning for my travel segments. In the past 6+ years, I've worked in both the restaurant and the hotel business. I have a great passion and knowledge for these two industries and I've traveled all around the globe to discover the nicest destinations, with a focus on luxury and boutique hotels and also, on food !

I decided to start this blog because, after writing on others platforms for years, I realized it was time for me to become my own Editor in Chief.  I wanted to be the master of my own content and also, to be able to write about what I want the way I wanted. On this blog, I write, both in French and in English, about my two passions : travel and food.  The name, checking-in, is simply because : these days, wherever you go (or almost everywhere you go) you "check in" there. Also, my parents are not on social medias, and, whenever they manage to snag a reservation at this new "hot spot" restaurant or hotel, they would text me :"we're checking in at...". That's where the name of my first personal blog comes from. 

 *Certains articles seront écrits en français, ma langue maternelle. Mais, la plupart seront en anglais. Pourquoi ai-je fait ce choix? Puisque mon blogue est plutôt axé sur le monde du voyage et que l'anglais est la «langue internationale en tourisme», j'ai préféré miser sur l'anglais. Les billets qui parleront de Montréal ou de Paris, par exemple, seront écrits en français. Je m'adapterai selon le contenu et le contenant.

Editorial policy: You can be reassured that, if I talk about it, it's because I like it. If a blog post is sponsored, it will be mention. Otherwise, If I took the time to write about something, it's because I thought it was interesting for you, readers. 

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You can also visit my media portfolio and see my media kit by visiting my other website, www.cathmaison.ca

- Catherine Maisonneuve

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