My travel essentials

Being a travel writer, I travel very.... very often. During the month of September, I left for 3 different press trips. I am now becoming a packing expert !

When you travel for work and you miss home, every minute counts. I therefore developed, over time, some tricks on how to: save time at security, check in, and also : pack properly. Because, carrying your luggage for days is never fun, but it can be better if you "pack smart".

Always travel in style

Here's my travel essentials for a "stress-free" trip. Happy travels!





Here's my travel essentials for a  "stress-free" trip.  Happy travels everyone ! 

First things first, a good luggage is a must. Trust me ! A quality luggage will make all the difference in the world while traveling. And I always travel «carry on» because:

  • it's cheaper : most airlines are now charging a fee to check a luggage
  • it's safer : less to no chance of losing it
  • it's faster : you don't have to get to the airport two hours before your flight to give them your luggage. I love it! When I get to the airport - usually just an hour before my flight - I go straight to security.

Always check-in before your flight and have your e-boarding pass on your smartphone. No time to waste ! 

At security

Traveling «carry on» means one major downside : the "liquid situation". You have to travel with 100 ml or less products,  and they have to be placed in a transparent pouch/bag. I finally found the perfect "travel size" products to bring with me and, even more so, I carry them in a cute transparent clutch. I said no thanks to Ziploc bags because, yes, you still can travel in style and with quality products with your carry on.

My picks:

I'm very picky with the beauty products I use in general. When I travel, I sometimes get lucky with the bath amenities I find in the hotels I visit, and sometimes, not so lucky. Now, I don't take chances. If my favorites products come in a «travel size» format, it's traveling with me.


Every airlines have different overhead bin sizes. To avoid any bad surprises (like not being able to fit your carry on and having to "gate check it" ) choose a luggage that is a "one size fits all" to make sure to keep it with you during the flight. Also, pick one that is light and easy to carry, because, you don't want to struggle fitting it overhead.  

My picks :

In flight, there's four things I need to be comfortable :

1) a good ( and cute ) quality eye mask to be able to sleep

2) comfortable and stylish pants that fits with everything

3) a light jacket that will be easy to pack wherever if I don't need it (which I rarely do, because I'm always freezing on planes)

4) classic black, stylish, comfy flats to save time at security, be able to run to my gate easily and most importantly : travel in style while still being comfortable. 

My picks: 

At the end of the day, it's all about being comfortable. When you travel, you never know what can happen : a delayed flight, a missed connection... If you keep your luggage with you at all times, you always have your personal belongings and you are always prepared to move quickly. 

Also, it's always better if you have quality products that you like with you to make you feel (at least a little bit more) at home. 



Catherine Maisonneuve